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In November 2011 I released my first CD Blood on the Backbeat, a collection of adult story-songs about delusion, dissipation, temptation, betrayal, guilt, love, loss and redemption.

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Here on the front page I’ll be sharing news about gigs and commentary on whatever strikes my fancy. Thanks for visiting. Please return to see how the site has grown.

Beat Summer of ’47 at the Mercury Cafe

On Saturday, August 4th
I appeared at the Mercury Cafe
in Denver at a commemoration of the Beat Summer of ’47. The event was put on by my friend Hugh Bingham. I went to Ridgewood High School with Hugh and lost contact until this year when I re-discovered him via an article about him in the Denver Post. I performed two pieces by my good friend and fellow singer-songwriter David Anderson. I read his spoken word piece Recollections of Neal Cassady and sang his song about Neal – NLC – both about his experiences with Neal in ’64 and ’68. I had the great pleasure of meeting two lovely people, Cathy Cassady, Neal’s daughter, and her half-brother Bob, an adoptee who didn’t find out Neal was his father until he was 66. I gave them both copies of my CD, Blood on the Backbeat, and David’s CD, Layover in Reno, which contains the recorded version of Recollections of Neal. They sat in the front row and it was my great pleasure to see them reading along to the texts I’d given them beforehand, as I performed them. My wife Donna had a nice chat with Cathy as well. Donna asked her how her mom, Carolyn, met Neal and Cathy graciously gave Donna a copy of a pre-publication excerpt from Carolyn’s soon to be published autobiography. Thanks to Hugh and the On the Road Readers group of Denver for inviting me and making me a member. For those of you who don’t know who Neal Cassady is I suggest reading Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. Neal is Dean Moriarty.